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Elements of Pride
3 interconnected tower in
G+9 format
More than 65% open space in
total land area of 1.78 acres
2/3/4 BHK residential complex
with convenience shops
133 spacious and well ventilated
Penthouse, Duplex and Premium
units at 8th & 9th floor with
dedicated roof and open terrace
About Project
Embedded in the heart of royal Rajasthan, Kishangarh, remains an icon of artistry, regal grandeur, luxury and marble architecture. 'Bani-thani' painting of Kishangarh is always respected as a matter of pride. These paintings emerged as a distinctive style in world of painting. The most striking creation is Kishangarh's classic Radha, created in highly individualistic style, which is by any standard a great work in art world. The developers have tried and stepped forward to maintain the legacy of pride with artistic efficiency of present day in the forthcoming architectural projects at Kishangarh.

Lovely Group, a Kolkata born business group, successfully handles a wide spectrum of trade in the fields of Timber, Marble, Minerals, Coal, Real Estate, Entertainment, Fabric, Spinning mills and Transportation. The Group has achieved excellence and leadership through the proper use of 3 I's – Innovation, Implementation and Improvement. This group is spearheaded by one of India's most dynamic business visionaries, Mr. Kishan Gopal Biyani, who is deeply rooted with Kishangarh, and is well supported by his young and energetic son Mr. Samir Biyani, a qualified chartered accountant. Lovely Group cherishes the ultimate interest of valued clients and investors above all and this whole hearted commitment is the key to their unparalleled success. With a sound and prudent financial track record, the economic strength of the group has currently turned in a multibillion monolith.

Shakti Buildmart, a part of the Shakti Group, is an experienced real estate company involved in various projects in the close vicinity. The group is headed by a mix of exuberant and enthusiastic youth in camaraderie with experienced and seasoned promoters. Over a period of time the team has transformed this group into a formidable force in its given fields of existence.
Pride reigns at Kishangarh
Royal Rajasthan, the home of stately maharajas and affluent families, presently boasts of palatial hotels, temples of important heritage, forts and museums.

In tandem with time, the developers, who are firmly rooted in their homeland Rajasthan, are bringing in the modern architecture as a tribute to the heritage of Kishangarh.

Now, harshness of nature and arid desert climate has been defeated by the innovative and latest scientific know how of the developers to create an environment of ultimate repose. This classic ore of Kishangarh marble, is used skillfully by the developers to create enduring residential masterpieces.

Introducing, Kishangarh Pride, the unique project, which will provide perfect residential comfort for 144 elegant families, missing the modern city amenities. Kishangarh Pride, will offer complete safety and security for your family, where you can build your own community and your children can happily play in a wide open garden.

Architectural expertise, locational advantage, aesthetic beauty and world class facilities make this project 'Kishangarh Pride' the site of ultimate luxury and well being.

The project will give Kishangarh, the tallest towers of modern architecture, a dream destination, and best accommodations for family life.